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Freelance Writing -10 places to look By Kathryn V

storm747 started this conversation
10 Places To Look For Freelance Writing Job Leads in 2009
Posted by kathrynv at 8:07 am in freelance, freelance jobs, writer's life, writing

I have written in the past about the many different places that there are to look for freelance writing work. There are classified ad sites like Craigslist where jobs are advertised. There are bid sites like Elance that you can sign up to participate in (although I’ve never liked that option much). There are proactive options like coldcalling and contacting potential new clients via email.

I have used all of those at one time or another and still do use them regularly (minus the bid sites). However, the thing that I do most frequently to look for new freelance writing work is to check the links on the websites that offer freelance job leads. These job leads may come from the individual sites (like Craigslist) or may be in the form of posts about individual jobs. Either way, they typically provide a good collection of leads that point me in the right direction for what work is being offered out there.

Here are the ten sites that I’m checking most frequently for job leads in 2009:

  1. Freelance Writing Gigs. Deb Ng continues to be the best provider out there for daily leads on jobs. There’s a list of links up every weekday (and some weekends) as well as smaller individual posts from specific potential clients.
  2. About Freelance Writing. Deb Ng pointed readers in the direction of leads on this site recently which turned me on to the site. There are fewer leads here but they’re posted steadily and they are sometimes different from what you’re seeing on the other sites.
  3. All Freelance Writing. The same post by Deb that pointed me in the direction of About Freelance Writing also pointed me here. Same deal. Good stuff.
  4. Problogger. I continue to check the Problogger job leads daily for info on potential blogging jobs that may be available.
  5. Performancing Blogger Jobs. This one isn’t nearly as good as problogger but people seeking blogging work may find the occasional good lead here.
  6. Freelance Job Openings. Usually only a few posted here each day but often ones worth pursuing.
  7. Online Writing Jobs. This is a comprehensive list of what’s out there. It can be overwhelming but you can filter by the type of jobs that you want to look at (blogging, articles, books, etc.) so that makes it easier to find the work that you want.
  8. Absolute Write. Only a couple posted here each day but always different from what’s being advertised elsewhere.
  9. Media Bistro. Many of the jobs here are on-site jobs but you can sometimes find telecommute work.
  10. Journalism Jobs. Same deal as Media Bistro but often worth a look.

Where else do you check for freelance job leads?

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Thank you. I work for I love it there. but I wouldn't mind writting aswell. Thank you again.
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So, my understanding is that these site's you have listed are directory's of sorts for freelance writing work? Not like Associated Content or similar pages, which take your publishing rights? Thank you for the information regarding writing sites! Much appreciated. Cat
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